O.TWO.O Multi-use Makeup Essential Oil


♥MOISTURIZE DAILY-Light & effective daily moisturizer for face, keeping skin healthy and hydrated
♥ANTI-AGING-Base ingredient rose hip oil with 77% fatty acids, linoleic acids,vitamins A & C essential for skin health,regenerate tissue,reduce fine lines and stretch marks
♥HYDRATE LIPS-Can be used to hydrate lips before applying other lip products(lipstick, lip gloss, lip liner etc.)
♥COMPATIBLE-Mix with any makeup products especially foundation to give your skin a natural radiant glow
♥REVIVE DRIED PRODUCTS-Instead of throwing dried-out cream-based makeup/skin care products,just add 1-3 drops of oil to bring them back to life
PURE ABSORPTION-Pure gold flakes absorbs effectively and immediately into your skin



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